Do you ever need a bit of reassurance that God’s still near? When the storms of life hit and He feels so far away, is He here?

Every year Bluebirds nest in a box outside our dining room window. With an average of two clutches a year, over the past twelve years, I estimate more than eighty baby bluebirds have hatched from our little birdhouse.

Over the years, I’ve watched and learned the cycle and ways of these beautiful birds (one of my very favorites). I’ve come to know about how long it takes the couple to choose the house, build the nest, lay their eggs, and raise their young.


I’ve also learned to distinguish their various calls and songs. One I never tire of hearing is the sweet call to their young—three sweet chirps that the parents sound from a nearby bush or electric line. The call is repeated over and over as if to reassure the baby birds their parents are nearby when the babies are unable to see them. I imagine the parents are sounding the three notes to say I’M – STILL – HERE.

Isn’t that a vivid picture of God with us? Whenever I hear that sweet call, I envision the Lord saying to me—I’m still here. When I can’t see God at work, when times are trying, and He seems far away, the Lord gently calls to me through a Scripture verse, a phone call or message from a friend, or an overwhelming sense of peace to let me know He’s still here!



Even in these trying times, God is here rooting for us and cheering us on. When hardships come and we lose sight of Him, like the baby bluebird that can not see his parents outside the nesting box, may we be ever listening for God’s reassuring call of encouragement and peace.

For God has promised, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

~ What most reassures you of God’s presence when you’re going through difficulties?


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