Christmas is still months away, but as the days grow cooler and fall takes hold, it’s not too early to pre-order your copy of my upcoming Christmas novella collection, Chiseled on the Heart. My contribution to the collection comes second in line and is entitled, A Lasting Legacy.

The story features Daniel and Maggie Hawkins as they face unexpected and challenging changes in their lives during the War of 1812.

After a disabling injury leaves Daniel feeling useless, he looks to a family heirloom and shared family trait for renewed purpose. Following is an excerpt from the story.



Daniel ran his fingertips over the smooth wooden handles of the carving knives and chisels, the stain of use rendering them all the more endearing. His father’s deep voice echoed through Daniel’s head as clearly as if he stood beside him. I hope someday you’ll find use for these, son. Passed down from your Great Uncle Silas, they’ve served me well many a year. One day, I pray you’ll have an heir to pass them onto as well.

Remembrance of his father’s words stirred a slew of emotions within Daniel. He’d stored the treasured tools away with little intention of ever putting them to use. Had it taken the loss of his leg to perceive their value?

Reaching in the box, he took up the gouge chisel and clasped it tightly in his palm. It felt good. Right. As if it had found where it belonged. Daniel replaced it in the box and picked each knife and chisel up in turn, attempting to recall its specific use. He sighed, regretting not having given his father’s instruction more attention. Could he do the tools justice?

For Maggie and the baby’s sake, he was willing to try.

As he peeled back the blanket covering the pine pieces, something pressed into his thigh. He fingered the bulge in his breeches pocket, recalling the object that had spilled from the linens onto the floor.

Curious, he reached in and drew the item out. Fond recollection seeped through him as he turned it over in his palm. ’Twas the sheep his grandfather had carved as a boy—the very carving that had spawned his love for creating. Daniel examined the sheep’s chiseled wool and smooth legs, amazed at the rich detail. Though flaws marred the sheep’s tiny face and hooves, the piece was truly a work of art at the hands of a young boy. Pride told in his father’s voice during each retelling of how he’d fashioned the sheep.

Daniel tenderly set the sheep on the stall rail beside him. The carving would be his inspiration as he fashioned the cradle. With a cleansing breath, he took up one of the pieces of pine. Lord willing, he could do his grandfather’s tools and legacy justice.

~ ~ ~

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Daniel’s life and legacy. Pre-order your copy of Chiseled on the Heart today and read the entire story as well as the other three tales following the Hawkins family carving out a legacy of faith through four generations.





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