I’m excited to share a special deal with you! In honor of Valentine’s Day, my publisher is offering all three books in my Prairie Sky Series for $0.99 each February 12-15th!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read them, now is the perfect time to nab them. If you have read and enjoyed them, consider gifting them to a friend.


Set on the backdrop of the Illinois prairie in the mid-1800’s, my Prairie Sky Series weaves timeless tales of faith, love, and redemption. The three-book series takes readers on a journey of the heart, with unforgettable characters that inspire and captivate.

From the beauty of the Midwest prairie to bustling river towns and pre-Civil War tensions, the Prairie Sky Series holds adventure and hardships, along with a touch of humor, intrigue, and romance.

GET $0.99 DEAL

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!! May you be blessed by these faith-filled stories!