Random Acts of Kindness. We’ve all heard of them. Once in a while they break through the myriad of bad news–the murders, kidnappings, jail breaks, natural disasters, political turmoil, civic unrest–and bring a bit of sunshine into our lives. Like the 19-year-old waiter who received a $1000 tip because he took time to visit with a customer.

In a world where wrong seems right and right seems wrong, we need these rays of hope to spur us on. Each of us has the choice to make this world a better place, or a more bitter one. Even small acts of kindness can make a world of difference in another person’s life.



Want to help brighten up your corner of the universe? Here’s my top 20 ways to make the world a better place!

20) Attend your child’s activities

19) Be an informed voter

18) Send your spouse flowers

17) Visit a shut-in

16) Call your parents and thank them for raising you

15) Contact a Congressman to express your feelings on an important issue

14) Make someone laugh

13) Prepare a meal for a grieving family

12) Send a care-package to someone in the military

11) Smile

10) Comfort a hurting friend

9) Speak words of encouragement to a flustered store clerk

8) Invite a non-Christian neighbor over for a cook out

7) Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center or homeless shelter

6) Hug a child

5) Open your home to a missionary or someone in need

4) Tell someone you love them

3) Sacrifice something you want for someone else’s sake

2) Share your faith

1) Pray!

How many on the list have you tried? I know there are a few I still need to do. What other ways can you suggest to make our world a better place? I’d love to hear your suggestions.


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