I’m honored to have gifted author and friend Laura Frantz with us today. She shares a great reminder from her newest release, A Heart Adrift.



by Laura Frantz

I’m often asked about spiritual lessons or threads in my books. Publishers Weekly describes my books as ‘spiritually subtle.’ Perhaps that means you won’t find many pastor-like characters or conversions in my novels.

I tend to think of fiction as primarily entertainment but Christian fiction is a unique genre and God uses it for His own mysterious purposes in ways we don’t or can’t realize or understand. And I believe novels can be as much for the author’s benefit and edification as readers.

One reader of my latest historical, A Heart Adrift, said that all of the central characters in the novel are adrift in some way. And I confess as the writer that one character in particular – Eliza – helped anchor me when I realized I was drifting or adrift. Eliza is the least spiritual person in the book but she packs a surprising punch, at least to this author!


“The greatest danger to our spiritual life is not the big and bad things that sometimes we think of as train wrecks. It’s just the daily process of drift. If we’re not really intentional to check drift in our lives in all its forms, then we end up as you were mentioning, just seeing our lives pass us by without getting to the best things.” -Del Fehsenfeld

The past three years have been challenging for all of us in different ways. One thing the pandemic has helped expose is our foundation or what we run to when things get complicated & uncomfortable. Oftentimes it’s not Jesus. We may say he is our anchor or rock but we seek other things, quick fixes, and feel good solutions which don’t satisfy & have consequences for not only ourselves but others.

For a more detailed look at my experience adrift, visit https://mtlmagazine.com/intersection-column-a-heart-soul-adrift/

Are you adrift or anchored?


Christy Award-winning author, Laura Frantz, is passionate about all things historical, particularly the 18th-century, and writes her manuscripts in longhand first. Her stories often incorporate Scottish themes that reflect her family heritage. When not at home in Kentucky, she and her husband live in Washington State.

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