Several years ago, my family moved our membership to a small, rural church with less than fifty active members. We love the family atmosphere of the small congregation. A month or so after we started attending, a plea was made for someone to make a new church directory. I had been praying for a way to get involved and get to know the other members–some of whom I had yet to learn their names. I enjoy taking pictures and organizing. It sounded like a good fit.

After the service, I timidly approached the elder who’d made the plea and told him that if no one else stepped forward I would give it a shot. He seemed pleased, and told me right then and there the job was mine. (Apparently volunteers were a rarity for such tasks).

The following week, a lady who had missed the previous Sunday service, noticed it still in the bulletin. I heard her say rather tiresomely, “I guess I’ll get that job.” When another lady told her I had volunteered, she seemed ecstatic, and I could hear the surprise and relief in her voice.

A Unique Place

We all have a unique place in God’s kingdom. When we step out in faith to do what He places on our hearts to do, not only are we ourselves blessed, but others are blessed as well.

Have you found your niche in ministry? Do you know where your talents lie? If not, here’s some thoughts to get you started.

Pray for God’s leading

Perhaps you don’t have a driving force that pulls you to a certain area of ministry. Maybe you’re a behind-the-scenes type of person. You have the gift of service, generosity, encouragement, or intercessory prayer. Pray for guidance on how God can use you. He’s sure to honor your request.

Look for Opportunities 

To find something, you generally have to search for it. Keep attune to opportunities and ways to get involved in your church, your community, and your neighborhood. You know yourself better than anyone. When something peaks your interest, pursue it, and ask the Lord to bless whatever it is you do.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Writing is my ministry. I’ve known for many years that’s where my heart lies–in encouraging others through the words the Lord places on my heart to share. But that doesn’t mean God can’t use me in other ways. There are many facets of life, other areas of interest and abilities. God can use us in whatever way we’re willing to be used.

What’s burning on your heart to do for the Lord? Do you have a heart for missions? Find a means for going and giving of your time. Do you love to sing or play an instrument? Share your gift of music in whatever way you can. When you discover your niche, all the Lord asks is that you use it.

And always, always give Him the glory.


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