I’m doing something I haven’t done for a while–interview an author. I’m thrilled to have my friend Cara Grandle with us today sharing about her recent release, The Ribbon. I’m reading it now, and enjoying it. Cara has graciously offered to giveaway two books: a print and an e-book copy of her book so be sure to enter! 


Thanks for joining us today, Cara!  Tell us your FAVORITE…

Place to visit?

The beach. I live about two hours from the Oregon coast and I just got back from a trip. I’m always inspired by beauty and there is nothing like the magnitude of standing next to the sea to bring life into perspective—that feeling of how big the ocean is and how small I am is creates a healthy humble feeling.

Spot to write?

I have a big mission style desk that was made by Amish folks a long time ago. It sits in front of a big window that overlooks a memorial flower garden I made for my mom. I love it.

Fictional character?

The ones I know best are the ones in my stories. So, I’ll answer with my own favorite characters. I have a tendency to love the odd ball side characters. The first one that popped into my mind was Jiggy Jones a logger in my new book The Ribbon. He is small man running from his past. He is feisty, ready to fight and quite debonair.

How does living in Oregon influence your storylines?

A loooooong time ago, I tried to write a book set in England. I was so chicken of writing about a place I’d never been. And then one day I pulled into a very old graveyard that is really close to my house. It was the town founders who were some of the first to come across the Oregon Trail and it was so close to home that I found my security blanket. I love the local history and the rugged and beautiful land. I can’t imagine writing anything different.

You’ve likened The Ribbon to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. What similarities do the two stories share?

The Ribbon is set in Oregon Territory. It has a bunch of scroungy-backed woodsman in it. They aren’t brothers, but you get the good old fashioned warm fuzzies at the conclusion of the romance as you do with that old movie. And there is more crossover, but it would give away the good stuff.

Besides writing, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I am an avid gardener. A serious planner and pen snob. I love to draw, paint, and birdwatch. ANNNNNND, I have a new lab puppy that I love to pieces.

How have you sensed the Lord’s hand on your writing journey?

I think I’ve learned more about myself, with the Lord’s guidance, as a writer than anything else in my life. I’ve learned how to do hard things, how to face impatience issues head on, I’ve learned that I’m more than what I do or accomplish, and I’ve learned the importance of learning to be still and rest to name a few. But there is so many more vital things. And I’m sure there will be more.

What take-away value do you want readers to gain from your novel?

I want readers to find a true, restful, joyful escape from the hardness of life. And I want them to find hope and encouragement that Jesus sees them, He knows them, He talks to them, and He cares for them.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Well, right now, I’m working on editing book three called The Rose. It’s bases off the premise, it takes a thief to catch a thief. I love the intrigue this book has to offer and I love the belonging my heroine finds in the end. Ahhhh, all the feels.

Sounds good, Cara. Thanks for the insights!

Thank you, Cynthia for having me on your blog. I sure appreciate you and your friendship over the last several years. And thank you to your readers.

Always a joy! God bless your writing journey!

Cara Grandle is an author, acquisitions editor, and publicist for WhiteFire Publishing. She has several years of experience in the writing industry, enough to know it’s hard. It takes courage. Connect with her at caragrandle.com.



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