I’m thrilled to have author Debbi Migit with us today to share about her book, Child of Promise, based on a true account from her own life. AND THERE’S A GREAT GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY, so read on!

Tomorrow, my husband and I will attend a graduation party for two of our nieces. At the same time, a realtor will host an open house in our home, hoping to attract prospective buyers. The irony isn’t lost on me.

As a new bride, I asked God for this house, and through a series of miracles, He answered my prayer.

Excerpt from Child of Promise: An Amazing True Story of Faith and Family

           Jim and Nancy had retired from full-time ministry several years earlier and often traveled around the country, so I was delighted they were in town for our twenty-fifth anniversary celebration.

           As we reminisced, I reminded them that as a young bride, I’d sat in their living room one Sunday afternoon and asked God to let me live someday in the house they’d built. We were conscious of the intertwining of our lives. Christine and I had first grown to be dear friends, and now we had adopted children who were biological siblings.

           Christine’s sisters, Jackie and Diane, began to admire my wedding dress, which was displayed in the corner of the room.

           “Dad.” Diane looked at Jim. “I don’t remember attending Phil and Debbi’s wedding. Didn’t we know them back then?”

“Oh yes,” Jim answered. “Phil was part of our congregation when he and Debbi met, and even though they married at her church, we were all invited to the wedding.”

           “But we couldn’t go,” Nancy stated.

           I thought back to that day and remembered Jim and Nancy hadn’t been at our wedding, after all.

           “Why not?” Jackie asked.

           “We had a good reason.” Jim’s eyes gleamed. “We had something scheduled that couldn’t be changed, so we had to send our regrets.”

           Jackie seemed embarrassed by her parent’s apparent social gaffe. “Well, you were Phil’s pastor, for goodness’ sake. What was so important that you couldn’t attend his wedding?”

           “Oh, I think Phil and Debbi will forgive us when we tell them what we were doing that day.” Jim smiled fully now, and suddenly I sensed the presence of the Lord surrounding us.

           “You see, twenty-five years ago today, on the day Phil and Debbi were married, we were pouring the foundation for the house where they and their family live today.”


As you can imagine, leaving this home will be bittersweet. We’ve had twenty-three years here; our two younger children have known no other home. Now, as they leave to make their way into the world, in a sense, Phil and I are also graduating.

It’s fitting that the root word of graduation is ‘step’ or ‘go’. Recently a friend asked what we are going to do now, and I responded, “We’re finally going to find out what we’ll be when we grow up!”

Because the truth is, we have no idea. All through our marriage, we’ve tried to follow God’s leading, including the adoption of our three children. What a blessing they are! Now God is carefully (and maybe a little too slowly) 😊 revealing the next steps. But that’s okay. He’s proven Himself faithful every time.

So tomorrow, as I celebrate our niece’s accomplishments, I’m going to savor one special bite of our graduation cake and anticipate the new adventure He’s prepared for us.


Award-winning author and speaker, Debbi Migit, lives in central Illinois, surrounded by pumpkin patches and corn fields. Her first book, Child of Promise, is the true love story of a family formed through adoption. After ten years of infertility, Debbi and her husband, Phil, were just months from adopting when God said, “Not this way.” Child of Promise is the story of audacious faith resulting in multiple miracles; it encourages readers to remember their own promises and believe again.



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