Without a doubt, the Lord knows and cares about every detail of our lives. This was evidenced to me in a very special way over the past few months as my dad’s health declined after a four year battle with cancer.

My third novel, Under Moonlit Skies, released last September. My dad’s eyesight had deteriorated to the point he was unable to read. Since he’d enjoyed the other two books I’d written, I offered to read Stew and Esther’s story to him.


At first, he declined, fearing it would take too much of my time. But, this spring, he asked if I would read it to him. So, each week, over the summer, I went and read a couple of chapters outside on the patio or in the swing. He would ask questions and tell me “thank you” over and over. The time became so precious to us both.

By July, we’d just reached the halfway point when he took a fall that landed him in first the hospital, then rehab. We also learned his cancer was becoming unresponsive to the chemo meds, so I feared his time was short-lived.

I prayed the Lord would allow him more time and that, if it be His will, we would be able to finish the novel. It became important to me to see the cherished novel reading time to completion. The Lord answered my prayer and my dad rallied for more than two months.


Eventually, as the cancer progressed, it became increasingly difficult to read together. He would fall asleep at times, and I had to jog his memory on the names and whereabouts of characters in between sessions. But we continued to look forward to that special time together, sharing the adventures I had penned.

We finally reached “The End” on October 9. He clapped when I finished, sending a wave of joy and satisfaction through me. What an honor and privilege it was to share that special time with him, making a memory I will never forget. The Lord had answered my prayer…just in the nick of time.

Days later, he worsened to the point we started in-home hospice. One week after we finished the novel, he went to be with Jesus. What a precious gift the Lord gave me in allowing us to share that time together to completion!

The Lord does see and care about every detail of our lives. No one can convince me otherwise. What may seem small in the world’s eyes, speaks volumes to those of us who know and trust in the goodness of the Lord.

~ When have you sensed God giving you a cherished gift? I’d love to hear about it.

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