In my research of the mid-1800’s, I enjoyed taking a look back at the history of farming and the changes that have taken place over the past 150 years. My Prairie Sky Series is set in the mid-1800’s when plowing, planting, hoeing, and harvesting were all accomplished with meager tools and horses or oxen.

Work was difficult and time consuming. For that reason, farmers were limited to planting a small amount of acreage, on average twenty-five to forty acres. Tiny seeds like wheat were hand sown by broadcasting over plowed and harrowed ground. Before planters were invented, farmers were forced to plant corn, potatoes etc. by hand. Rows and kernels were spaced farther apart than they are today, thus yields were not as great.

When crops ripened, they were often harvested with a scythe or hand-picked. It was hard, grueling work shared by the entire family, down to the youngest of children.

The turn of the century brought huge changes to farming with the invention of farm implements and equipment. By the early 1900’s, tractors began to replace horses and oxen for pulling and self-propelled combines did the work of separating the seed from the stalks.

Today’s farmers do all their work with farm machinery. Modern technologies such as tractors, planters, chisel plows, and combines do the hard work once done by farm workers. Many farmers now tackle farming several thousand acres each year.

Technology has completely altered the way farming is done, but one thing will never change, and that is the farmer’s dependence on the Lord for sunshine, rain, and the miracle of taking a single seed buried in the soil and creating a stalk which yields a hundred fold.

May that be the goal of our lives ~ to plant seeds of hope and healing into people’s hearts through our words and actions. We may do the planting, but it’s the Lord that brings about the growth and harvest.

How has the Lord brought a blessing of increase into your life? I’d love to hear your story.


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