Author friend, Laurie Driesen shares another timely post about ways we can help a broken world. I hope you’re as blessed as I was!


Doesn’t it feel like the world is out of control?  A pandemic, killings, rioting and people everywhere disagreeing and clashing with one another.

In this broken world, a Christian’s job description is the same as it has been for centuries.  Whether the world is at peace or at war, healthy or sick, free or captive, satisfied or hungry, circumstances don’t change our purpose or goal.   Our mission remains the same as it was for Paul, Peter, John and anyone who is a follower of Christ.  Oh, we may forget our job description and what we are supposed to be doing as we struggle.  But let’s stay encouraged, strengthened and filled with the Holy Spirit in order to fulfill our mission in this fallen, broken world.


The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 2:11 that we are strangers living in a foreign land. We are living in this world as foreigners, representing our true home country.  As Christians, our citizenship is in Heaven, not this world. We are Ambassadors!  Paul uses this word to describe himself in Ephesians 6:20.  He also calls his readers “ambassadors for Christ” in 2 Corinthians 5:20.  Our job description is to receive instructions from Jesus, represent Him and act on His behalf. We are to serve as a spokesperson, an envoy carrying an important message from the Lord.

Isn’t that what an Ambassador does?  He or she is sent to a foreign land not to accomplish his own plan but to represent the interests of his own country.

A true Ambassador would never call his superior in his home country and say, “I really love it here, I think I’ll become a citizen of this country and become like everyone here. Goodbye homeland!” No!  An ambassador is not sent to become like the people, he is sent to be a visual symbol and a representative of his homeland. A worthy ambassador would never lose his loyalty to his home country.  He would not come to love a hostile, foreign country more than His homeland.  If we are truly ambassadors for Christ, we will never be completely “at home” in this world.

The mission of Jesus

Jesus came to earth and sacrificed His life to reconcile people to God.  He calls people to repent of their sins and believe in Him.  He forgives sinners and fills them with the Holy Spirit, enabling them to carry on as ambassadors.  Our primary responsibility is to proclaim the message of the Gospel.  We can help a hurting world by shining the light of God’s truth into the darkness.  This means that we need to study God’s Word and be prepared to share with family, friends, and other people that God places in our path.  Whether we serve at home or on the mission field, we proclaim the truth to a broken world.  Not everyone will respond, but some will!   This is how the Gospel has been spread throughout the world for centuries.

Are we ready to execute our job description?

God has a plan for each of us to not only share the Gospel but also to give, help and minister to specific needs of hurting people.  As ambassadors, we are always ready to receive our individual assignments and serve where He calls.

We are ambassadors for Christ – don’t forget your job description!

Laurie Driesen is a writer and entrepreneur.  She is the author of Beyond Regret – Living Your Life Purpose in Spite of Past Choices.  The book discusses missed opportunities, the “why” behind our mistakes, how regret can help us, and preventing future regret.  Beyond Regret sheds light on God’s true will and purpose for us and how we can live it out no matter where we are today.

Through her writing, she seeks to share the truth of God’s Word and help others grow spiritually. Laurie’s blog can be found on her website:




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