Every novel writer dreams of making it big, landing a contract with a large publishing house and selling millions of copies. Unfortunately, very few writers realize that dream. Most of us will travel a more subtle path, one that likely includes less recognition. But that doesn’t mean we’ve failed.

God has a mission and purpose for each of our lives. Sometimes that plan may look different than what we perceive it to be. Yet, He is the potter. We are the clay. We can kick and scream our way through life, trying to be a goblet when the Lord intends for us to be a bowl. God gives us that choice. We can spend our days striving to achieve our own goals and agenda, or we can yield to His promptings and fulfill the purposes He has in store for us.

Having aspirations is important. That drive to achieve can see us through many a discouragement and setback. But, more essential than the desire to succeed, is having the desire to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.

Keep the following thoughts in mind as you travel through, not only your writing journey, but all of life.

~Am I glorifying God in what I write?
~Am I staying open to the Lord’s leading?
~Is what I’m doing consistent with God’s calling on my life?
~Are there areas I need to adjust or draw to a close?
~What specifically is God wanting to accomplish through my efforts?
~Is the Lord closing one door and opening another?
~What audience would benefit most through my ministry?
~Am I seeking my dream, or God’s?

I hope you’ll take time to pray about and ponder these questions. I know I need to. When we’re faithful in the seemingly small things, the Lord will bless and multiply our efforts. Only when we submit to His will can we know true contentment and peace.

“Well done, good and faithful servant!
You have been faithful with a few things;
I will put you in charge of many things.”

(Matthew 25:21)

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