Recently I “inherited” a shirt with the words “Got Jesus?” across the front of it. The white lettering stands out clearly against the dark background. As I slipped the shirt on for the first time and started for town, a sobering though struck me. Everyone I came across would read the words and immediately know I was a follower of Christ. That was a good thing. Or was it?

With these words stamped on my chest, everyone will be watching to see if I act like a follower of Jesus. What if I mess up? Get irritated at a slow check-out clerk or forget to wear a smile? Will I be a good witness? Or will I fail?

My mind pondered the mixed bag of thoughts pummeling my brain until, at last, I heard the Holy Spirit’s gentle prompting. But Cynthia, it doesn’t matter if you have the name Jesus stamped on your shirt or not, you already have His name written on your heart.

Bam! Isn’t it amazing how the Lord can cut to the quick and humble our hearts with His simple truths? Not everyone we encounter will know we are Christians the first second we meet them on the street or in a store, or even at our workplace. But they can see our smiles, sense our compassion, read our character and catch a glimpse of what it means to be a Christ-follower.

He knows we aren’t perfect, that we’ll mess up at times, lose our tempers, and say hurtful things. But when we have Jesus in our hearts, we take on His nature, His character, and strive to be a witness for Him in our everyday encounters and relationships. The more we grow to love Him, the more He will shine through our lives.

As a Christian author, it’s my prayer that the Lord will be glorified through the words I write. Without His inspiration, my writing is merely words on a page. I’m just a pencil in His hand, praying what I write will encourage and inspire readers to a deeper understanding of Him.

How do you most enjoy sharing your faith?

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