I’m excited to at last have Beyond Wounded Hearts out into the hands of readers! It was a challenging project with loads of research and a complex storyline, but the Lord brought it all together in the end, I am so pleased by the generous response from my Launch Team members as well as early readers.

While there have been some wonderful reviews, the following is among the most touching to me. There can be no greater compliment from a reader than to know the Lord is shining through the words He allows me to write.


As much as I loved the first in this series, I loved this 2nd one, even more! A lot more!

I understood the hurt, confusion, anger, pity, depression etc.
But God…
God had not forgotten, Addie, tho life still had evil lurking about,
God also, continued to pity her and bless her.

I knew it would end up in a love story….
just the way I like it!
It was a love story on so many levels.
Of course, the greatest level, is God’s love.

But the one sentence that brought me to tears…
Addie felt she was no longer beautiful, and was damaged goods.

But when the author wrote, Jesus had scars,
and they were beautiful! That just touched my heart so much!

I was thrilled with all the scripture verses and application of them.

I also loved the analogy of how eggs come in both white and brown colors and yet, they are the same, inside….beautiful!

I have one fault or criticism…where is book 3 of the series?!

I so loved this novel, I hated for it to end.
It was beautiful.

Such a response brought me to tears. I pray others too, will be touched by the messages of God’s grace, redemption, and self-worth,



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