Sometimes life deals us some hard lessons. For me, this past year, my hard lessons have come in the form of cancer. It’s been a rough road with chemo, targeted therapy, and surgeries (one yet to come). But, the Lord has used this trying time to teach me some valuable truths.


One of the biggest blessings I’ve experienced during this trial is the outpouring of love and support from my local community and my writing community. I’ve been overwhelmed by the gracious display of support from friends, neighbors, even those I barely know, who have rallied around me and filled my heart with encouragement.

Such selfless giving has inspired me to want to give back. It it my prayer the Lord will use my cancer experience to encourage and strengthen others who are facing similar health issues. Not only that, I want to be among those first in line to give to those in need, to provide a meal, say a prayer, fill a need.

Jesus said the greatest among us are those who serve. It’s my prayer that I can gain a servant’s heart toward others and bring blessing as I, myself, have been blessed.


This all hit during the height of the Covid pandemic. My two grown sons still lived at home and were out in the work-force. Since they’d had co-workers who had tested positive to the virus, they decided to move out to limit my chances of being exposed. Within a week, they were gone, and the house seemed so empty.

In addition, my husband and I felt it best to worship at home and I also asked for an extended leave from my part-time library job while I underwent treatment. The isolation from my boys, church family and co-workers proved nearly as harsh to me as the cancer diagnosis. On top of this, my dad had passed away just weeks prior to my diagnosis. I felt such huge loss.

How I longed for some word from my boys–a FB message, phone call or visit. It brought me such joy whenever I heard from them or one of our church family members. What a blessing it was to have someone drop by with a meal. Then, it hit me. How the Lord must long for us to spend precious moments of our day with Him.

I’m as guilty as anyone at rushing through my devotion or prayer time to get to what I hope to accomplish. But when I saw how I yearned to hear my sons’ voices or have them stop by for a visit, I envisioned God with that same longing to spend time with me. Now, I strive to give Him a few extra unhurried moments of my day, just to let Him know how much I love Him.



The last lesson the Lord taught me is that my days are numbered. My life is not my own. I belong to Him, and if I expect to remain on this earth, I need to be certain I have reason for being here. I need to make each day count for Him. After all, if I’m not fulfilling some purpose, what is my need for being here?

If I can encourage someone through my writing, brighten someone’s day with a smile or kind word, lend a hand to someone who’s struggling, I count my day worthwhile. Making an eternal difference in others’ lives is what life is all about.

When we view our lives through Heaven’s eyes, we see much more than earning wages, buying the newest gadget, or just going through the motions of living. God has a plan for each of us. It’s up to us to live intentionally and make each day count for Him.



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