Healing takes time. I’m learning that more and more having gone through two major surgeries within the past three months. Six days into recovery, I felt good yesterday and overextended myself, Today, I’m paying the price. My mind and spirit say, “I can do it!” while my body says “NO YOU CAN’T”!

It’s hard to be patient, to wait until our bodies catch up to our will to do and accomplish what we see needs done around us. Instead of listening to my body (and my doctor), I plunged ahead and now face a setback.

How often do we do the same with God — pull ahead instead of waiting on His timing and will? When it seems our prayers go unanswered, we often tire of waiting and take things into our own hands.

And that works out about as well as me trying to do leg-lifts a week after surgery.

Not good!


God can use the down times in our lives if we allow Him. Slowing the pace of life not only benefits our minds and bodies, but our spiritual well-being as well.

Health issues are stressful enough, but when they hit both you and your spouse at the same time, it’s doubly challenging. Combine that with an unexpected change of insurance, wheat harvest, a wedding, and a book launch and our stress level has been off the charts!


It reminds me of the time Jesus was in the boat with His disciples and a gale-force wind was thrashing them about (Mark 4). How the disciples–a number of them seasoned fishermen–strived to keep control.  And yet, they were consumed with fear.

While Jesus slept peacefully through it all.

Waking Him, they said, “Don’t you care that we are perishing in this storm?”

And Jesus, in his calm, gentle way, said, “Peace. Be still.” And the wind and waves fell silent.

How often we forget that same powerful Spirit of Jesus resides in us today? And yet, like the twelve disciples, we worry and strive and attempt to handle things on our own strength. If we’ve claimed Jesus as Lord and Savior, all we need do is confide in Him, and wait in assurance that He will act.

It’s tough to rest and be patient. But, healing takes time. When we learn to stop striving and give our fears and concerns to God, only then will we find peace.




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