Each Book Signing I’ve hosted has had its special moment, a memory that touched my heart and gave me something of value to carry with me. Be sure to stop by and read about my very First Book Signing and other  Book Signing Blessings. This latest Book Signing, the first for Book 2 in my series, Under Prairie Skies, was no different. The Lord continually sends a blessing my way through the folks who happen by.

One highlight of the day was having the owners of Mantle Rock Publishing attend. I was so honored to have Jerry and Kathy Cretsinger make the 4 1/2 hour trip from Kentucky to lend their support. What a joy and blessing!

It was also a thrill to have the opportunity to meet new readers and field questions about my writing journey.


Of course I’m always thrilled to have the support of family and friends. Knowing they are there to support and encourage makes all the difference. Another thrill was hearing the laughter as I read a humorous segment from the opening pages of my novel. It’s always reassuring when the words you write hit home with readers.


But with each signing, I’m finding there is one blessing that stands out above the rest, a special moment the Lord gifts me. This one surprised me. As I worked my way through the line of people signing books and chatting with each of them, I had little opportunity to see who was next in line. At one point, the lady in front of me casually said, “This lady says she used to work with you,”  referring to the woman standing behind her who I hadn’t yet noticed. Naturally, I looked up and was stunned to see a lady I had worked with nearly twenty years earlier. She had seen the newspaper article about the Book Signing, and had come not having had any previous knowledge of my novel writing. We shared a joyful, reunion and she purchased both books with great excitement. The best part is, this former co-worker to my knowledge is not a Christian and will be reading godly truths and subtle, faith-filled messages for possibly the first time in her life! The Lord be praised.

It’s my prayer that the Scriptural truths within these novels will plant a godly seed into not only this woman’s heart, but many other readers as well. What a special moment to cling to in years to come!

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