Today I welcome author Sharon K Connell as my guest. Following the interview, there will be a chance to win 3 of her books so be sure to stick around until the end!

Thanks for joining me today, Sharon. Can you share a bit about your writing journey and how long you’ve been writing?
In 2005, with the encouragement of a fellow-writer and friend from England, I began my first novel. Hurricane Ivan had passed through Pensacola, Florida, and I told him what I had experienced. He told me I should put it in a book. Therefore, I did. Not the way he imagined the story would come out, but I did take his advice. LOL

How have you sensed the Lord’s hand on your writing journey?
Usually, I sense it when someone tells me how something in my stories has made an impression on them. I pray before each story, during, and after. It’s amazing how I can feel His pleasure when the story is finished, and I’m sure it’s because He’s been there guiding me all the way to show some truth that someone may need to read.

That’s wonderful. Name one of the first books or authors to inspire you and why.
The first book and author to inspire me was J.R.R. Tolkien with his total series that runs from The Hobbit through The Lord of the Rings. I was engrossed in the reading and found that, even though he had no bad language or immorality in his stories, they have been favorites of so many for so long. It would be hard to find someone who did not know about these stories. Most love his writing. I was impressed.

I haven’t read the series, but have heard good things about it. How similar are you to your heroines?
I would like to think there are many similarities between me and my heroines. The same strengths, vulnerabilities, quirks, good and bad traits. However, each of my characters is a conglomeration of many people.

I think we writers put a bit of ourselves in all of our heroes/heroines. Do you have a favorite character in your novel(s)? If so, why?
Wow! I have written four novels. In the first, A Very Present Help, my favorite would have to be Ken McCall, the hero. He is a real man. LOL
In the second book I wrote, Paths of Righteousness, which is making its second debut now, my favorite character (and boy this is hard to choose because I love all these characters, being my favorite story) would have to be the hero again, Dr. Jacob McLeod. He represents everything I think a man should be and yet has his weak side to overcome.
In There Abideth Hope (in the process of being rewritten), my favorite is the heroine, Lynne Temple. She has a determination that will not be suppressed.
And, in His Perfect Love, my favorite is one of the men in the story. But I can’t tell you which one or why because that would spoil the mystery. Hee hee

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
After There Abideth Hope is rewritten and republished, I will be working on my fifth novel, tentatively titled Treasures in a Field. I also have plans to publish a collection of my short stores, two of which are in Anthologies at the moment, so I have to wait for an appropriate period of time to put them in my own book. I am also thinking about publishing a cookbook, based on the easy recipes in my monthly newsletter, and working on a devotional book.

Lots to look forward to. Thanks, Sharon!

Sharon K. Connell was born in Wisconsin, but lived in Illinois from five days later, through college, and for most of her adult life. She graduated from the Pensacola Bible Institute. Now retired from the business world, she resides in Houston, Texas, where she spends her days writing Christian Romance Suspense, with a bit of mystery added, and various short stories in a variety of genres. Sharon writes stories mostly about people who discover that God will allow things in your life that will help you grow and/or increase your faith. To her, the most important reason to write is to provide a good story for her readers and to please God with the gift He has given her.

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