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What is your favorite part of the writing process?
→ I love all the creative parts of the writing process. It’s exciting to imagine characters and what their lives are like. I usually keep a Pinterest board for each story with visuals that help me stay on track. There are always Post-it notes covering my desk. Anytime inspiration strikes, I’m racing for a piece of paper to jot it down. Mostly, I love sitting at the desk and typing out that first draft!

I agree! It’s so fun developing new characters. What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?
→ Be consistent and persistent! Have dedicated writing time. It doesn’t get done if you don’t keep at it. If it’s your goal and your dream, then you have to be dedicated to putting in the effort it will take. And don’t be married to your story in a way that hinders the story’s growth. You will have to edit. If you’re not prepared to let the not so great parts of your story go, it won’t be all that it could be. So be open to all the possibilities.

Great advice! Who is one of the first authors to inspire you and why?
→ Scott O’Dell was a favorite of mine as a child. He was the author that really got me interested in Historical Fiction and made it come alive. It’s still one of my favorite genres.

Mine too! What would a perfect day look like to you?
→ A perfect day would start with me getting up around early, drinking a cup of coffee, and reading a good devotional. I’d get in a short workout, then spend the rest of the day writing, of course! I’d spend the late afternoon and evening chilling with my hubby. That, in my book, is a great day.

Sounds good! Do you have a favorite character in your novel? If so, why?
→ I would have to say, aside from Lady Olivia, Odo, the pirate captain. Odo was really fun to write. While researching pirates, I discovered that some of the first pirates were Vikings. This didn’t fit with the time my story was set in, but it was something I used to add to my character with the thought that things can be passed down from one generation to the next. The prayer beads Odo gives Olivia have Thor’s hammer engraved on the back. And Odo is a shortened version of Odin.

What take-away value do you want readers to gain from your novel?
→ I think the biggest take-away of the story would be that fear doesn’t have to control you. Bravery isn’t about not being afraid or being self-confident. It’s about pushing past what scares you. We are capable of accomplishing so much more than we know. A step of faith wouldn’t be a step of faith if we weren’t scared. As they say, the best things wait on the other side of fear. And we have a God who is able to do the impossible. That alone should make us feel a little more brave.

Amen! Thanks for sharing God’s power through your writing!

 Jessica McCarty lives with her husband Greg in Indiana. They are lifelong Indiana residents and have been married for eight years. Jessica works in circulation at her local library, which affords her plenty of resources to pursue her writing goals. She has always loved to read, and started writing poetry and short stories as a hobby while in high school. When she is not reading or writing, she can be found enjoying investigative dramas with her husband and drinking large amounts of coffee. Connect with Jessica on:


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A Desperate Love ~ Months after the disappearance of Lady Olivia’s betrothed, Sir Tristen, she continues to mourn his loss, until the day her father announces he will find her a new suitor. Olivia’s long held belief that Tristen may still be alive, and her desire to find him, spurs her to action. Lady Olivia sets out on her quest, armed with only her sword and determination.


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