Which takes more courage: kindness or revenge?

My upcoming Civil War novel, Beyond These War-Torn Lands probes that question as both my hero (Drew) and my heroine (Caroline) face challenges that force them to draw upon their faith and inner-strength to overcome.

One of the hardest things the Lord asks us to do is to love those who wrong us. Perhaps that’s why He led me to write this story, because loving the unlovable (our enemy) is something I (and probably everyone else) struggles with.

When others hurt or mistreat us, our first instinct is to either avoid that person or seek revenge. But in His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus admonished us to “love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you”. What a tall order.


Responding to character attacks or unfair treatment with kindness and love takes a great amount of courage and self-control. I’m a lot like Caroline in my story. When her father continually rejects her and downgrades her character, she is deeply hurt. She suppresses those emotions until, over time, they swelter into bitterness.

It takes the wise words of a friend (Drew) and God’s Word to help her see the anger she has bottled up inside her is only bringing more hurt on herself. In the end, she has to make the choice to overcome that bitterness or let it destroy her.

I imagine we all have an “enemy” we need to pray for and show kindness to. I pray the message woven within Beyond These War-Torn Lands will touch your heart in a powerful way. I know writing it has mine! May the Lord use it for His glory, and may each kindness we show reflect Him in our lives.


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