I thought for this month’s Book Review, I would pull out a book which I read years ago, but found memorable. I chose Out of the Ashes by Sandi Rog which released in 2015 with Tulpen Publishing. This was a fun historical romance that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

A stranger. A kiss. A shotgun wedding. The late 1800’s. What could be more intriguing?

My review:

Nathaniel Ward is a well-to-do entrepreneur in search of a wife. And he has his sights set on one woman in particular, a young lady who years earlier had shown him kindness in his time of need. Unwilling to rest until he finds her, he tracks her down in Green Pine, Colorado and is relieved to discover she is unattached. But Nathaniel soon discovers it takes more than fond memories and a forced wedding to win a lady’s heart.

Having witnessed the affects of a loveless marriage, Amelia E. Taylor has no intention of marrying. Neither does she expect to become entangled with the handsome newcomer who seems bent on getting more acquainted. When circumstances find the two of them saying “I do” at the end of a gun barrel, Amelia learns love can sometimes be found where you least expect it.

What a gem this book is! A page turner from start to finish. Sandi Rog has a gift for drawing readers in and keeping them hooked. Her love for fairytale endings shines through, with Amelia and Nathaniel’s storybook romance defying the odds and thwarting the villains, in this case, Amelia’s cruel father. More importantly, Rog’s heart for the Lord shines through, with elements of faith and forgiveness woven throughout. I highly recommend this novel and look forward to Rog’s next project.

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