I’m thrilled to have the chance to post my review of Misty M. Beller’s, This Treacherous Journey (Book 1: Heart of the Mountain Series) on the very day her second book releases. If Book 2 is anything like this first installment in the series, you’re in for a treat!

This Treacherous Journey is by far my favorite of Misty’s novels thus far. The author digs deep into her characters, allowing us to feel and experience their journey right along with them. I’ve not connected with any of her previous characters the way I did with Emma and Simeon. Both had deep wounds in their hearts that needed healing. Beller does a wonderful job of bringing about wholeness and restoration to their lives in a very real and gradual way.

Emma Malcom and Simeon Grant are both running from their pasts, with memories they’d just as soon forget. When their two worlds collide, it forces them to face their hurtful pasts and choose to move forward into the unknown. Set on the breathtaking mountainous region of the northwest, this series takes readers on a journey they won’t soon forget.

Filled with numerous plot twists and unexpected turns, This Treacherous Journey is certain to hold your interest to the final page.


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~ She thought she’d lost everything  ~ Instead she found what she needed most. ~

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~ Beyond shattered dreams lies a realm of possibilities ~

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