Lately, I’ve been pondering my blessings as a writer. There are so many high points—making writer friends, finding critique partners, receiving awards, and publishing dreams fulfilled. But, deep down I knew none of these things were THE BEST BLESSING.

Again, I asked myself: What is it I most treasure in being a writer?

Two months have passed since my fourth novel, Beyond These War-Torn Lands released. Though I’ve enjoyed lots of special moments over the past few weeks—a book launch, book signing, speaking engagement, etc., the more I contemplate, the more I savor this one aspect of being an author…



As people throughout the community have purchased copies of my novels, I’ve been so blessed, not by the earnings or tally of book sales, but by connecting with readers one on one and experiencing their joy and excitement.

I’ve had the privilege of welcoming some into my home for a short chat as they stop to pick up their copies. Other times, I’ve delivered books to older ladies and enjoyed sitting with them on their porches for quiet conversation.

It has been such a blessing to make new friends, visit with neighbors I don’t often see, and meet with members of the community I otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to converse with.

Most special of all, is hearing that the godly truths woven within the framework of my novels have touched hearts. There is no greater reward as a Christian writer than knowing the Lord has used something I’ve written to impact someone’s life.

So, in my ponderings, I just want to say




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