I have to admit, these past several months since I signed my first book contract have proven some of the most joyful yet nerve-racking I’ve ever experienced. What a challenge it has been to juggle all the editing, rewrites, marketing, decision making, and learning I’ve had to do. Not to mention keeping pace with writing my sequel set to release a year later! It’s been a bit daunting at times, to say the least.

Yet, what a blessing it’s been to watch the story I’ve pored over for years transformed from manuscript to novel—something I can see and feel and hold in my hands. It’s truly a life-long dream come true.

Perhaps you’ve not quite made it to that point yet. Be encouraged. The Lord has great plans for you and will place you where you need to be in His good and perfect timing. And when that time does come, here’s a few tips I’ve gleaned along the way that might ease the publishing jitters and increase the joys.

Take Things One Step at a Time – One key element I learned to help keep my head above water is to focus on what I need to accomplish for each particular day. Dwelling on the entire process proved overwhelming and intimidating. When I focused on one thing at a time, I was able to chip away at the tasks that I needed to complete. I celebrated each small achievement then moved on to the next issue at hand.

Prioritize – I had to decide what was most necessary to accomplish first. I made a list, organizing tasks by dates and degree of importance. When I had a deadline to reach, I set all else aside and focused on that need alone until it was finished. Once that obligation was fulfilled, I was able to move on to the next project on my list.

Be Flexible – While having an organized plan to go by is a definite plus, I’ve also learned to shift gears when I need to. At times, I would just begin making progress on my sequel then would get edits back from my publishing editor. So I had to set aside Book Two and return to working on my first novel. I had to learn not to be too rigid with my plans and meet the most pressing needs first.

Entrust the Outcome to the Lord – One of my biggest stresses as a soon-to-be published author would have to be self-doubt. Early in the publishing process, I was plagued with thoughts like: What if my writing isn’t good enough? What if no one likes it or reads it? What if I don’t have what it takes to make this novel a success?

Eventually, the Lord gave me peace about the experience. I stopped fretting over things I had no control over and began trusting that the Lord had His hand on the situation and I was where He wanted me to be. What a wonderful, freeing revelation that was for me to know He has my back, that I don’t have to try to accomplish everything on my own.

I pray you too discover God’s presence and plan for you as you journey through the publishing process now or in the future. Blessings as you continue in His will.

What lessons have you learned in your journey toward publication? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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