Have you ever watched a potter shape a lump of clay into something useful or beautiful? It’s quite a delicate process shaping the moistened clay into the desired shape and trimming away unnecessary parts to produce a pot or bowl or vase. It takes time, concentration, and skillful hands to ensure all sides are well shaped and equally proportioned.

More and more I’m realizing how much I’m like that lump of clay waiting for the Master to mold and shape me into the person He desires me to be. The trouble is, too often I have my own ideas of what I want my life to look like and what purpose I wish to fulfil. Can you relate?

GOD’S TIMING AND PLAN IS BEST: Often we forget that the Lord is our Creator and Sustainer, that He has a purpose for each of our lives and knows how we can best serve Him. Sometimes we grow impatient wanting Him to act when He desires for us to be still and wait for Him to mold us.

Making pottery is a messy job. Sometimes the clay is too dry and stiff. Other times it’s too wet and limp and has to be remixed and reformed. Sometimes our lives get messy, and we need to have some lumps shaven off or some bulges pressed in. The Lord is continually working to mold our character and fortify our hearts. That takes time, a humble spirit, and a willingness to change. But the Lord knows just what we need if we’ll yield to His masterful hand.

GOD MADE US WHO WE ARE FOR A REASON:  Too often we fall into the comparison trap, wishing He’d made us a beautiful vase instead of a serving bowl. But the Lord makes each of us the way He does to fulfil a special purpose, one that no one else can fill. When we question this, He responds, “Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use?” (Romans 9:21)

This isn’t to say one person is more valued than another, but that God has a unique purpose for each of us. Whether we’re an upfront individual or a behind-the-scenes sort of person, God is pleased when we serve Him willingly with the abilities He instilled within us. It’s our job to trust Him and be the best vessel we can be.

Trying to be someone we’re not only breeds frustration and cheats us out of the blessings God has in store for our lives. Be content with the person God made you. When we are true to our calling, we are useful to God’s Kingdom.

“Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in My hand.” (Jeremiah 18:6)

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