When you look at the above photo, what do you see? Many see tilled earth on an empty garden plot. I see hope, promise.

Consistent rains this spring resulted in a late start with not only field crops but our garden as well. Though you can’t see the array of seeds beneath the soil or the work that went into planting them, they are there. Seeds of promise. Hope.

Three weeks later, the seeds have sprouted and burst through the tilled ground, having been transformed into vibrant plants. Though small at first, each day the Lord continues to work His magic, nurturing the young plants with rain, sun, and wind.

By summer’s end, the plants are fully grown, each producing seed thirty, sixty, or a hundred fold, providing sustenance for our family even into the winter when we freeze and can the produce.

Our lives are so like a a seed being grown in a tended garden. When we are young and new in our faith, God sees the seed of promise within us. Even when we ourselves don’t recognize our value or worth, God is there spurring us on, filling us with hope and encouragement.

As we grow in our faith and walk closely with Him, He strengthens and encourages us to keep going, keep trusting. When the storms of life come and threaten to undo us, He is there to keep us rooted and grounded. Like the tender shoots that grow into healthy stalks, God is growing us up to be strong in the faith.

I entitled this blog Sowing Seeds of Hope for two reasons. First, as a farmer’s wife, I understand the amazing potential for growth God has planted within each seed as He has each of our lives. Secondly, it’s my prayer that each post and each novel I write will instill hope and encouragement to readers such as you.

This week as you watch new growth taking place in the fields, gardens, flowerbeds and lawns, remember how the Lord is gently growing and molding you to become a person of hope and promise.

Other seed fell on good soil where it produced a crop–a hundred, sixty, thirty times what was sown.” (Matthew 13: 8)

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