Foundations are important. When you go to build or buy a house, one of the key factors it the stability of the foundation. The house might look fine on the exterior, but if its foundation is bad, it often spells trouble.

Several decades ago, my parents built a garage. The concrete was poured and the structure built, but the surface underneath wasn’t quite as stable or flat as they would have hoped. Over time, huge cracks appeared in the concrete until now it’s to the point of breaking in half. The garage door sets cockeyed and doesn’t work properly and the side entry door won’t latch. The only way to fix the issue is to build a new garage!


As I was reading through the Gospel of Matthew, I came to the end of Chapter 7 where Jesus told the familiar parable about the wise man and the foolish man. Though I’ve read the story many times, it hit me a bit different this time. I realized the wise man’s house looked no different than the foolish man’s. From the exterior, both appeared sturdy and well-built.

But what differed was WHERE the men built. The foolish man skimped by building on a site that wasn’t suitable or secure (sand). So when the wind blew and the storms came, over time, the foolish man’s house began to shift and crumble. The wise man, on the other hand, built on firm, level rock that held strong against the onslaught of storms.


Now we all know the sand represents the world and the rock, Jesus. But what struck me this time, was that the houses (us) may have been built the same and looked identical from outward appearance. It wasn’t until the storms of life came that the durability of the houses was tested.

The same is true of us. We may look as though we have it all together, but it isn’t until the storms of life hit–illness, financial stress, tragedy–that it becomes evident where our strength and security lies. Are we depending on other people, ourselves, possessions, money, or status to carry us through? Or is God the source of our strength and who we hold onto when times are tough?

This world is filled with shifting sand. May we take time to seek out the sturdy Rock of Jesus and build our lives on the one and only firm foundation!


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