One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is leave my college-age son and travel the 3 hours home without him. Yet the first time he returned home, I glimpsed in him a new appreciation for his home and family, and us for him.

Often it isn’t until we let something dear to us go, that we discover how precious it truly is. And it isn’t until we relinquish control and leave a situation in God’s hands that we fully learn to trust.

As a writer, I know first-hand the scores of difficult hours it takes to produce quality writing. Recently, I blogged about each of us having deep-seated goals and dreams. I’d like to take that topic a step further by siting the importance of giving those aspirations to God.

Through blood, sweat, and prayers, we writers chisel out words to formulate the stories or messages God has placed on our hearts to share. Then we query, submit, and seek out agents, editors, publishers, and readers to affirm and champion our efforts. In the sea of writers, we pray somehow our work will be noticed.

Yet, many times, when things don’t happen as we wish, or don’t move as quickly as we hope, discouragement sets in. We begin to doubt our abilities, our calling, and our purpose. Before I was a published novelist, I have to continually remind myself God is in control. I had to–and still do–condition myself to give up my own ambitions and entrust my writing to the Lord. He has placed it on my heart to write, therefore, I must trust that if I submit to Him and wait on His timing, He will bring about what’s best for me, and for His kingdom.

Whatever your life dream is, I encourage you to do the same.

Whether you’re an inspirational writer in search of a publisher, a stay-at-home mom with hopes of starting your own in-home business or a career person climbing the corporate ladder, if you’re a Christian, it’s essential you dedicate whatever you’re hoping for or working towards to the Lord.

When we honor God through our dreams and ambitions, He is certain to bless the outcome. Those blessings may come in different ways than we ask or expect. But one thing is certain, if we’ve surrendered our will to the Lord, He’ll work things for our good.

What hope or dream do you struggle to surrender to the Lord? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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