Here in the Midwest, we’ve been digging out from beneath a foot of snow, a rarity for us. With two sons to worry about traveling on treacherous roads to college and work, I was offering up many a prayer for safety. As things turned out, an understanding boss, cancelled classes, and the timing of the storm, allowed for my husband, our sons, and myself to be home together during the worst of the storm.

How grateful I was for answered prayers. As I enjoyed the beauty of the falling snow outside my kitchen window, I decided then and there my favorite feeling in all the world is to be snuggled inside our cozy little home with the entire family together safe and sound. My mother’s heart was overflowing with gladness and thanksgiving as I cooked and baked and listened to my sons engaging in conversation (instead of on their phones LOL!).

It hit me then how much the Lord must be looking forward to the end of time when He gathers His people–those who’ve accepted Jesus as Lord and Redeemer–to be with Him for all eternity in Heaven. Just knowing how full my heart was in having my family together safe in one place gave me a small image of what Heaven will be.

How the Lord must long to bask in our presence, love, and praise. Now I have a better glimpse at what His Father’s heart longs for and cherishes. If a weekend with my family safe and tucked away together can bring so much joy, how much more of a treasure it will be to live in eternity with the Lord?

What is your greatest earthly joy?


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