Happy Valentine’s Day!

As the only female in our household, I take a lot of teasing when it comes to watching romantic or inspirational movies. What I call touching and moving, my husband and sons call sappy! While I’m gearing up for a good cry, they’re snickering and staring, wondering why I’m puddling up.

Guys just don’t get how we women can get so caught up in the emotions of a scene. “It’s just a movie, Mom. It’s not real,” my oldest son reminds me time and again when something tugs at my heart. Yet a good flick can pool me up quicker than slicing an onion…even if I’ve seen it dozens of times!

What is it about movies that touches our souls and moves us to tears? It’s the power of love. Whether it’s the love between a boy and his dog, a mother and her child, or two star-crossed sweethearts who’ve been torn apart, a good story can reach into the depths of our beings and draw us into the characters’ lives.

Yet, nothing touches my heart like the amazing love of Christ. No greater love story has ever been written than that of Jesus coming to earth and giving His all for us. God sent us the greatest Valentine anyone could ever give–redemption through His Son.
A magnet on our refrigerator bears the most memorable Valentine message ever sent…a Valentine from God.

“For God so loVed the world
that he gAve his
onLy son
that whosoEver
believeth iN him
should noT
perIsh, but have
(John 3:16)


As you celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love, may you feel the joy of God’s most precious gift…His unconditional love and gift of salvation through Christ.

What makes Valentine’s Day special for you?

*Reprinted from my post on Putting on the New Blog, Feb 7, 2016.

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