What an emotionally charged novel from start to finish. This must have been so difficult for the author to write. The Hidden Side is a powerful, haunting tale of three women who must search their hearts and learn to depend on God when their worlds are shattered. In this split-time novel, readers are whisked between present day and late 1700s’ America into two tales laced with tragedy.

The modern-day story, told through the eyes of Natalie Abbott and her daughter, Maelynn, involves an inside look at a school shooting and is so very real. Almost too real. In fact, it may be too much for someone whose life has been touched by a similar tragedy. And yet, I believe it should be required reading for anyone who has bullied another person or even stood idly by when someone was being bullied. This vivid account of one family’s heartbreak and shame is a scenario of what is taking place all across our nation and sends a powerful message of a need for change.

I was drawn into the historical story of Mercy Howard and her daring life of espionage and forbidden love. I grieved with her as she endured loss and heartbreak. This was not an easy read, with so much sorrow and pain. I found I needed to pace myself, lest it become too depressing or overwhelming. But I so appreciated the element of hope in the end and the spiritual message woven within the final chapters.

This novel is so well written. I applaud Heidi Chiavaroli for her courage to confront such a difficult topic and challenge us to assess our viewpoints, and ultimately to evoke change.


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~ She thought she’d lost everything ~ Instead she found what she needed most ~

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~ Beyond shattered dreams lies a realm of possibilities ~

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