Sunrise and sunset are my favorite times of day. This morning I rose while it was still dark, flipped on the Christmas lights and started working in the kitchen. Several glances out the window gleaned a shift from darkness to the gradual blue and magenta sky of dawn. As the sun crested the horizon, sunlight flooded the landscape bringing it to life.

I’ve always enjoyed watching the sunrise, but this morning it struck me how magnificent the sun is–a vast, fiery orb millions of miles from earth that surrounds us with light and warmth. No earthly light can even come close to its colossal brilliance, so bright it can’t be looked upon. Once again I was amazed how something so far away could bring light and warmth to half the surface of the earth,


As I pondered the Lord’s marvelous creation and the way He planned out every detail, placing it at the perfect distance to give off just the right amount of light, heat, and consistency, it struck me that there is even a more amazing and glorious “Son”.

Jesus, Emmanuel – God with us.

Jesus brought light to a dark world. Yet, unlike the finite power of the earth’s sun, He brought light to all the world through His Spirit-filled life, His sacrificial death, and His glorious resurrection were a testament of God’s great love for us.



We have an awesome redeemer–the Light of the World. Unlike the distant sun, the Son of God came and dwelt among us. He arrived in a quiet, humble way, unnoticed by the world. And yet, the light of Christ shines brighter in our hearts than a thousand suns ever could.

As you celebrate Christmas, may the knowledge of God’s precious gift of love and eternal life bring you joy and blessing. No matter how dark and challenging this world around us may grow, Jesus–the Light of Heaven–shines in our hearts and lives.

~ How do you keep Jesus at the center of your Christmas celebration?



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