What a joy my first ever Book Signing was! I was nervous, excited, and sentimental all wrapped into one. I didn’t know what to expect. I questioned if there would be a good turn-out or if I would  have wasted my time and energy for only a handful of people. But I pressed on, hoping the day would bring a gathering of those as eager as I to celebrate what the Lord had done in my life.

I didn’t have long to wait as family and friends began to pour in, each with a smile that assured me they were indeed enthusiastic and ready to celebrate right along with me. From start to finish, the room was filled with laughter and good cheer. It was a day to remember.

But through all the special moments of signings, giveaways, and visiting with friends I hadn’t seen in some time, one unique encounter stood out. I believe it will forever be etched in my mind as an indelible memory.

A father and two young girls approached the table where I’d been signing books. They were among the few visitors I didn’t recognize. The older girl gingerly approached me, book in hand. I had sold out of books just moments before they arrived and was relieved she had one with her.

I greeted her with a smile and asked her name. “Eva,” she replied. She couldn’t have been over nine years old. Dark hair, dark eyes. Much like one of the characters described in my novel.

A bookmark rested at page 19. “Ah. I see you’ve started reading.”

She nodded and flashed a shy grin. It turned out her father lived not too far from us and had driven her by my house to show her where “the author” lived. I chuckled inwardly, feeling a bit like Laura Ingalls Wilder or some known celebrity. What a foreign feeling it gave me. I’m no one special. Just using the gift God has given me.

I signed her book and handed it to her, thanking her for stopping by to meet me and for reading my book–a huge undertaking for one so young. She clutched it to her chest like her most prized possession. The look in her dark eyes was one of awe, one that will stick with me for a very long time. For it was then I realized what an awesome privilege and responsibility inspirational writers have to speak truth and hope into the hearts of readers. Her expression made every grueling edit and deadline worth the effort. It was a God-ordained snapshot of what the Lord can do when we’re faithful to use the gifts He has given us.

Today, I asked my publisher how on-line sales were going. The numbers were mediocre, but growing. Then, in His gentle way, God spoke to my heart:

Don’t worry about the numbers. I know who will be blessed by this book and will see to it Under This Same Sky finds its way into the hands of those who need to read it. All you need do is trust.

What wonderful reassurance that God is in control. All I need do is trust!

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