Over the weekend, my husband and I went to see the movie, Breakthrough. It was an amazing true story of a fourteen-year-old Missouri boy who fell through the ice and was without vital signs for a full hour. While his mother prayed for the Lord to breathe life back into him, he regained a pulse to the utter amazement of the hospital staff.

The movie goes on to show his miraculous recovery and how it affected those around him. The film is a vibrant testimony of the power of prayer and challenged my view of what it truly means to pray without doubting.

Stories are powerful. Whether true or fictional, stories have a way of infiltrating our hearts and minds. The Bible is brimming with true stories of heroes and heroines of the faith, stories that inspire and teach. Jesus, on the other hand, often used parables to drive home His messages and urge people to delve deeper into godly perspectives.

As a writer, I know the power of story. Some stories teach. Others entertain. Christian novels inspire. While it’s my aim to create stories that engage readers and spur the imagination, even more so, it’s my desire to draw readers into a deeper relationship with the Lord by weaving a message of hope and healing within the pages of my books.

As my characters grow and change through the events of the novel, it’s my prayer the Lord will speak godly truths into the hearts of readers. For me, that’s what makes writing a story worthwhile.

What books have inspired you, whether fictional or non-fictional?

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