I won this plaque in a White Elephant game last Christmas. I put it in my living room where I would read it often as a regular reminder to check my attitude.

Life can be messy, frustrating, discouraging even. It’s the little things that can set us off–our car won’t start, our internet goes out, we lose our keys, we make outdoor plans only to have an unexpected thunderstorm roll in. You know how it goes.

Sometimes we just need to stop, take a deep breath, whisper a prayer, and tell ourselves to think positive. There are days that just start off challenging, and we have to make the conscious decision to take control of our attitudes and trust God to work things for our good.

The characters in my novels aren’t perfect, because, face it, we aren’t perfect. Each character has a flawed trait or obstacle in his or her life to overcome. One of my favorite character transformations came through my heroine in Under Prairie Skies, Charlotte Stanton.

At the onset of the novel, she is petty and self-centered–definitely not likable! But as the story progresses, the Lord uses hero, Chad Avery, to speak into her heart and bring about a huge change in attitude. As “iron sharpens iron”, the Lord uses them to sharpen each other. In the end, I–and hopefully readers–grew to love her dearly.

Sometimes the Lord uses people to change our mindset. Other times His Holy Spirit gives us a gentle nudge through something we read or through the kindness of a stranger. Our attitudes can have a huge impact on our day. When we “choose a good one”, the Lord shines through us all the more brightly.

When you find yourself slipping into an undesirable attitude, what helps you overcome it?

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