Do I really believe God knows what’s best for me? I’ve asked myself that any number of times, and I’m convinced my answer must be No. Face it, if I truly believed God always has my best interest at heart, I’d never worry, never show fear, never doubt or grow impatient. I’d be at total peace.

Is such bliss possible in this life? Maybe. At times. But we’re human after all, and no matter how hard we try, we’ll never perfect our faith. But the good news is…we can improve!

Relinquishing Control – I’m a mom, and it’s a mom’s job to worry. Right? No matter how old my boys get (or my husband for that matter) I still fret when they’re running late on their motorcycles, driving home on icy roads, or when they have a health issue. The worrier in me just kicks in. That’s when I start praying. Hard.

But if I truly believe God wants the best for me, shouldn’t I trust Him to take care of them? Shouldn’t I be able to pray without panicking and envisioning the worse case scenario? The Lord can take care of my family far better than I can. Does that mean bad will never happen? No. Scripture states that in this world we will have trouble, but Jesus said, “Take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

So now, when I feel the worry wart in me kicking in, I pray, envision them in the palm of God’s hand and then go about my business, doing my best to entrust them to God’s care. There’s still the occasional glance out the window, but the waiting is much more tolerable when I know God is in control.

Learning Contentment – As a writer, when book sales hit a slump, it’s easy to become discouraged, thinking my time and efforts have been wasted. I’m tempted to look at the success of more established, well-known authors and feel I’ll never measure up.

It’s then the Lord reminds me He knows what I need much better than I. It has ever been my prayer that the Lord will get my novels into the hands of those who will be blessed by them. If I truly trust Him, why do I strive and fret over things I have no control over?

Total trust is something I’m still striving for. It’s not easy to relinquish the treasures we hold dearest to our hearts. It’s a day to day battle. But each time we give God control, we gain a deeper understanding of who He is. When we believe He wants the best for us, we embrace the life of peace He longs for us.

~ What gives you peace in times of worry?

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