What makes a person a writer? Is it merely putting words on a page? Or is it having something worthwhile to say? Better yet, what makes one’s writing truly inspirational?

I’ve always been encouraged to write what I know. And though, I agree that personal experience is an important aspect of writing, I think it’s important to take that thought one step further. To be a true inspirational writer, one must write not only what they are knowledgeable in, but what the Lord places on their hearts to share.

Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, there’s a part of me woven within each page. My life experiences, my faith, my convictions, even my biases infiltrate everything I write. But if those experiences aren’t laced with the Lord’s guidance and leading, the words I convey are just that…words on a page. 

Inspiration comes from God, the Author and Creator of us all. When we seek His guidance, through prayer and Scripture, He empowers us to write words that will strengthen and encourage, not only ourselves, but all who read them.

Jesus said, “apart from Him we can do nothing”. (John 15:5) Alone, our efforts come to nothing. But under the Lord’s leadership, they flourish.

Whether you’re a writer, a doctor, a bank teller, or a school teacher, if you’re a Christian, our mission is the same: to live our lives in such a way that we reflect Christ in all we do.

What inspires you as a person? As a writer? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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