Pre-Order Day for Beyond These War-Torn Lands is here!
And I’m over-the-top excited!
When I began writing War-Torn Lands, I had no idea I would be dealing with a bout of cancer or a pandemic. I did much of the research and writing of the novel while in the thick of chemo treatments and surgeries! The Lord carried me through that time, and I know it was by His strength alone that I completed the manuscript at all…let alone by its due date!
Because of that, Beyond These War-Torn Lands has a special place in my heart, and I pray its message of choosing to display God’s love in leu of hatred and bitterness will resonate with many readers.


There is so much violence and discord in our world today. If we, like Drew and Caroline in my story, choose kindness over resentment and peace over agitation, God’s love is sure to shine through. Even small gestures can make a huge impact on our world when we submit our lives to the Lord’s leading.
Beyond These War-Torn Lands is a tale of forbidden love and undying faith between a Union soldier and a Southern plantation-owner’s daughter during the heart of the American Civil War. Hardships and troubles await them as they face struggles that test their resolve and challenge their faith.


I believe in the message of hope and God’s love woven within the pages of this novel. And I pray, should you have opportunity to read it,  it will touch your heart in a special way. I’m not ashamed to admit that as I completed the final read-aloud for my publisher, I was brought to tears more than once–and I knew the outcome.  =)
A lot of sweat and tears went into this project. I so look forward to sharing Drew and Caroline’s story with you soon!
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